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About me

I like to think that my DNA mix shelves of books with clothes hangers. Once, every holiday, my suitcases Friesland surplus kilos 10 kilos of clothes and shoes, as many books and magazines. Too much. But really, so what? I too went, literally and figuratively … Meanwhile things have changed and the amount of quality gave way.

What do professional during the day, every day – consulting style and fashion journalism – seeps in my personal choices.

Daytime cop in your wardrobe (although “clothing police” do not really exist, not amend, but will make a folder style ;-). I’m kind of coach to shopping (because they do more than accompany you), I can guide that will help you to identify personality style. To understand what resonates in aesthetically, and then direct you to the right choices – colors, prints, cuts, accessories – to explain them, to encourage creativity and later, to their own wardrobes, in mirror or shopping, to dress differently than you did yesterday.